Asian International Model United Nations (AIMUN) 2021


Global Governance in the Post-Pandemic Era


Welcome to AIMUN!

AIMUN 2021 静候君至

Asian International Model United Nations (AIMUN) is hosted by the School of International Studies, Peking University, organized by Peking University Model United Nations Association.

北京大学亚洲国际模拟联合国大会(Asian International Model United Nations, 以下简称AIMUN)是一项由北京大学国际关系学院主办,北京大学学生模拟联合国协会承办,面向全球大学生的会议。

享誉已久的品牌口碑 Conference Reputation


AIMUN is a collegiate international Model United Nations (MUN) conference in China, with an aim to tackle a range of complex issues from Asian and global perspectives, and to promote inter-cultural dialogue. Since the first conference in 2007, AIMUN has continuously grown in scale and has become one of the exemplars of MUN conferences in China.

严谨扎实的学术基础 Academic Foundation

我们致力于维持大会学术水平,为代表提供高质量的会议体验。AIMUN 遵循专业严谨、一丝不苟的学术原则,同时积极进行议题的创新尝试,除了常规的联合国委员会,例如联合国大会、安全理事会等,大会还专门设置了区域委员会,如欧盟理事会、独立国家联合体、东盟10+6峰会等,及AIMUN品牌委员会——大使项目。历经琢磨,独创适合于不同外交情景的议事规则及委员会设计,持续对模联活动的学术设置进行新探索。

We are committed to maintaining a high academic level of the conference and providing delegates with a high-quality conference experience. We also actively innovate on topics and committee design. This year, we have not only traditional UN committees such as General Assembly and Security Council, but also regional committees such as the Council of European Union, CIS, and ASEAN 10+6, and the featured committee of AIMUN -Ambassador Program.

紧贴国际时事热点的议题设计 Topic Design

AIMUN 2021大会将以“后疫情时代的全球治理”为主题。2021年将成为世界逐步进入后疫情时代的起始之年,国际安全、经济贸易、环境保护、公共卫生等领域的全球治理将成为各国共同面对的重要课题。同时,正值国际格局加速演变、中国前所未有地接近国际舞台中央之际,通过多边外交引领全球治理成为中国参与构建国际秩序的重要契机。因此,本次大会将聚焦上述四大领域展开讨论,促进全国青年关注热点全球议题,积极参与全球治理。

The theme of AIMUN 2021 will be “Global Governance in the Post-Pandemic Era”. As the world gradually enters the post-pandemic era, the international community has to address critical issues including international security, trade and economy, environment protection, and public health, among others. As such, AIMUN 2021 will focus on the aforementioned issues and extend discussions accordingly. Through AIMUN 2021, we hope to encourage youths from all over the world to pay attention to prominent global issues and actively engage in global governance.

多元文化的汇集与交流 Cultural Diversity and Exchange


Every year, AIMUN attracts over 700 delegates from more than twenty countries and hundreds of universities to partake in debates and negotiations in the form of MUN conferences.  AIMUN provides a valuable platform for delegates from China as well as international delegates from countries such as the United States, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Singapore, Indonesia, and Nigeria to exchange their views on international affairs and have in-depth discussions on prominent issues .

高规格的国内国际外交资源支持 Diplomatic Resources

AIMUN每年都邀请到联合国官员、国内外政要及各国大使的出席仪式并致辞。 此外,大会也吸引了国内外各界人士的高度关注。2016年的大会上,我们非常荣幸地邀请到菲律宾驻华大使Erlinda F. Basilio阁下及来自世界各国的驻华使馆的参赞。2018年,联合国开发计划署驻华代表罗世礼先生出席AIMUN开幕式并发表讲话,这是他第一次也是至今唯一一次出席大学生模拟联合国大会。

We invite Ambassadors, UN officers, professors and experts to our Opening Ceremony. Former UN Resident Coordinator to China, UNDP Country Director, H.E. Nicholas Rosellini, has graced our Opening Ceremony in 2018, together with numerous other Ambassadors, diplomats and experts in the field of international relations and international organization.

丰富多彩的系列活动 Full range of activities


In addition to the academic discussions, AIMUN will organize a variety of activities ranging from high-level dialogue to academic lectures, cultural and sightseeing outings, and learning trips to top institutions such as the China Peacekeeping Military Training Centre, the State National Security Technology Center, and the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center etc.