AIMUN 2021

8 April – 11 April, 2021

Conference Date: 8th-11th April, 2021

Conference Theme: Global Governance in the Post-Pandemic Era

Conference Format: Online Conference

Conference Venue: Peking Universit School of International Studies, Peking University Global Village

About AIMUN:

Asian International Model United Nations (AIMUN) is an annual conference hosted by the School of International Studies, Peking University, organized by Peking University Model United Nations Association. Since its inception in 2007, AIMUN has held 12 successful conferences, and will be returning with its 13th edition in April 2021. As the largest and most influential collegiate international Model United Nations (MUN) conference in China, AIMUN provides a valuable communication platform for youths sharing a common interest in international affairs to discuss a wide range of hot-button issues with delegates from diverse cultural backgrounds. In this process, we hope that delegates will be able to embrace the diversity of viewpoints, and at the same time showcase the unique perspectives of Asia. In the coming year, AIMUN will remain committed to our goals, building on the good work of our predecessors and seeking to open up new prospects through innovation.

This year, AIMUN will be held online. The theme of AIMUN 2021 will be “Global Governance in the Post-Pandemic Era”, and where a total of 12 committees will be convened. The conference will be based mainly on simulations of international multilateral conferences and negotiations, with esteemed leaders, scholars, and professionals from international organisations joining in the sessions to share their opinions with our delegates and engage in meaningful dialogues.

As the world gradually enters the post-pandemic era in 2021, the international community has to address critical issues including international security, trade and economy, environment protection, and public health, among others. At the same time, China takes an unprecedentedly active and important role in the changing international order, with a golden opportunity to exhibit its leadership in multilateral diplomacy and global governance. As such, AIMUN 2021 will focus on the aforementioned issues and extend discussions accordingly. Through AIMUN 2021, we hope to encourage youths from all over the world to pay attention to prominent global issues and actively engage in global governance.

As we tide through unprecedented times in 2020, we believe that 2021 will usher in renewed hope and revival. The pandemic has indeed resulted in heavy losses for mankind, yet we have also seen immense opportunities for cooperation and collaboration among the international community. As the international order continues to evolve in a profound manner, there is an impetus to construct a new model of global governance, tapping on entrepreneurial thinking and our collective strength. At the same time, we believe that youths from around the world should also be actively involved in the study and practice of multilateralism. Therefore, we would like to extend our warmest invitation to youths from all over China to join us on this collective venture in AIMUN 2021. Through innovative thinking and collective action, we believe that we will be able to construct a new mode of global governance in this post-pandemic era.

Conference Schedule*:

* Beijing Time (Time zone: GMT+8)

Committees and Topics:

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会议日期: 2021年4月8日至4月11日




北京大学亚洲国际模拟联合国大会(Asian International Model United Nations, 以下简称AIMUN)是一项由北京大学国际关系学院主办,北京大学学生模拟联合国协会承办,面向全球大学生的会议,自2007年至今已举办12届。AIMUN旨在从亚洲视角出发,拥抱全球视野,促进文化交流,探索共同梦想。自第一次举办以来,大会的规模和影响力不断扩大,成为国内大学生模联会议的标杆之一。在新的一年,AIMUN将秉持理念并矢志创新,为过往成就再续新章。






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