United Nations Economic and Social Council

United Nations Economic and Social Council

Topic: Establishing and Facilitating International Carbon Trade

Working Language: English

Delegation: Double Delegation (30 Delegations in Total)

Rules of Procedure: Standard Model United Nations Rules of Procedure

Introduction to Committee and Topic:

        From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals, The Economic and Social Council has always been served as the center of the global climate governance process and it will constantly have a far-reaching impact on the global environment, international politics, world economy, and other fields.

        Over the past century, especially since the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on climate change had confirmed the hypothesis of the connection between carbon-dioxide emission and global warming in 2007, the discussion about establishing a united International Carbon Trade system has been attached considerable significance, to be considered as the fundamental approach of solving the climate crisis. And with the joint efforts of decades, the global carbon trade is gradually moving from conceptual ideas and local practice to global actions under the consensus of a low-carbon economy, while the results achieved so far can hardly be said as satisfactory or perfect ones. It poses major divergences on the commitments to poverty eradication and the provision of finance and technology transfer, the distribution of the responsibilities, the specific operating mechanism of the system, and so on. It is undoubted that this chaotic situation will definitely hinder the cause of environmental protection and global prosperity in a serious way.

        Based on this situation, this committee is going to devote itself to integrating and facilitating existing international carbon trade systems and put emphasis on finding any possible and plausible solutions to the current situation. Facing the facing challenge posed by the urgent reality of reducing carbon emission, a united and well-functioning carbon trade system is in imminent need. Please join us in this far-reaching attempt on establishing and facilitating the international carbon trade system. We are sincerely expecting your insightful perspectives.

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