United Nations Human Rights Council

United Nations Human Rights Council

Topic: Economic Security for Displaced Women

Working Language: English

Delegation: Single Delegation (40 Delegations in Total)

Rules of Procedure: Standard Model United Nations Rules of Procedure

Introduction to Committee and Topic:

Despite existing international law and global initiatives, it is an undeniable fact that millions of forcibly displaced refugee women are still unable to gain access to necessary humanitarian assistance and equal treatment. Displaced women are often deprived of fair employment opportunities due to gender preferences for males in blue collared jobs. Tackling loopholes within existing conventions to protect the rights of this vulnerable group not only requires a thorough understanding of the distinct responsibilities of displaced women but also the stigma surrounding them. Through this conference, innovative solutions that address the interest of relevant stakeholders will be sought so as to improve displaced women’s participation in the workforce and promote the socioeconomic integration of the refugee communities.

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