World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference

World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference

Topic: Cooperation on Building a Safe Supply Chain with Resilience Worldwide

Working Language: English

Delegation: Single Delegation (40 Delegations in Total)

Rules of Procedure: Special Rules of Procedure

Introduction to Committee and Topic:

       The World Trade Organization (WTO) is responsible for dealing with the global trade rules between countries. Its main function is to ensure smooth, predictable, and free flow of trade. The founding and guiding principles of WTO are pursuing open borders, guaranteeing the MFN principle and non-discriminatory treatment among members, and devoting to the transparency of its activities.

       The global supply chain is a network for countries to purchase and supply goods and services, involving information, processes and resource flows around the world. However, COVID-19 has brought enormous challenges to the global supply chains. Multiple national lockdowns continue to slow or even temporarily stop the flow of raw materials and finished products, disrupting the manufacturing industry. Different parts of the world have experienced supply chain bottlenecks, which are aggravated by different reasons. For example, in recent months, China’s power shortage has affected regular production, while in the U.K., Brexit has been the main factor of truck driver shortage. The U.S. is also suffering a shortage of truckers, as is Germany, with the former also facing large backlogs at its ports.

       COVID-19 epidemic crisis is not only a short-term crisis, it has long-lasting implications for how people work and how the supply chain functions. The flexibility and response ability of the global supply chain are significant for coping with sudden changes amid the pandemic, which require all member states to pay the most attention to the global supply chain crisis, to guarantee the stability and health of the global economy.

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