Registration Procedure

Registration Procedure

19 Jan 2023 – 28 Feb 2023

Account Registration

1. The Head Delegate (for delegation application) or Individual Applicant is required to create an account on the official website within the specified time.

2. The Head Delegate is required to submit the Head Delegate Information Collection before forwarding to the next step, while the Individual Applicant may submit the Application Form directly.

19 Jan 2023 – 28 Feb 2023

Submission of Application

1. Individual Applicant should submit the application form before 28 February 2023, 23:59 (GMT+8). The Head Delegate should submit the application forms on behalf of all members (includes the Head Delegate himself/herself) before 28 February 2023, 23:59 (GMT+8).

2. After registration and submission of application, the Applicant can check the application status on the Profile page. Please keep an eye on the status to avoid missing important notifications.

11 Mar 2023 – 15 Mar 2023

Committee Allocation and Payment of the Conference Fees

1. Committee allocation will be updated on the Profile page on 11 March, 2023, if not earlier. Please confirm the information and make the payment accordingly.

2. The Head Delegate shall be responsible for and complete all payments on behalf of the Delegation. AIMUN 2023 will not accept individual payments from any members of the Delegation. Individual Delegates should complete their own payments.

3. Please refer to the “AIMUN 2023 Admission Results Enquiry and Payment Guide” to complete the payment by 15 March, 2023, 23:59 (GMT+8).

4. Once we confirm the payment is completed, the committee’s WeChat group QR codes will be released on the Profile page. Please scan the QR codes to enter the WeChat groups promptly.

16 Mar 2023 – 9 Apr 2023

Academic Test and Country Allocation

1. Admitted Delegates are required to finish Academic Tests of respective committees. Each committee will announce their own Academic Test and announce deadlines independently.

2. Academic Test results will be taken into consideration in country allocation.

3. Country allocation will be released within committees. Please refer to the notifications of Dais of your own committee.

4. Delegates are not allowed to alter or exchange their country allocations.