FAQ 常见问题

1. 关于报名注册 The Application

Q: 大会将以什么形式进行?

A: AIMUN 2021 将以线上与线下结合的形式进行。学术委员会方面,大会设有线上委员会及线下委员会,其中东盟10+6部长级会议(ASEAN 10+6 Ministerial Conference)及欧盟理事会(Council of the European Union)为线上委员会,其余委员会均暂定线下进行。其他系列活动包括开幕式、闭幕式、名家讲座等将以线下形式进行,结合线上同步直播。各委员会及活动的具体安排和指引将在稍后直接发送通知予与会代表。

Q: What is the format of the conference?

A: AIMUN 2021 will take place concurrently online and onsite. For the Academic Committees, ASEAN 10+6 Ministerial Conference and Council of the European Union will be held online, while the other committees are planned to be held onsite in Peking University. Other side events such as Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony and Master Lectures will take place onsite, while live stream of the events will be available online. Detailed arrangements and guidelines will be directly provided to delegates later.

Q: 如何报名参加AIMUN 2021?

A: 具体报名信息请参照大会邀请函及发布于官方微信公众号“AIMUN”上的《AIMUN 2021网上报名指南》。每个高校限一个代表团报名,人数不设上限,但大会秘书处将依据具体情况对代表团成员进行筛选。每个代表团应有一名领队,由领队统计成员所有信息后通过AIMUN 官网(http://pkuaimun.com/)进行报名注册。

Q: How do I apply for AIMUN 2021?

A: As for the detailed information of application, please refer to the official invitation letter and the AIMUN 2021 Online Application Guide issued on our WeChat official account “AIMUN”.  Each university should have only one team, but there is no limit to the number of delegates. However, the Secretariat may need to screen the delegates under specific circumstances. Each team should have one Head Delegate who is expected to handle with follow-up matters. The Head Delegate should fill in the information of all team members accurately and submit the application form through the AIMUN official website (http://pkuaimun.com/).

Q: AIMUN 2021 接受个人报名吗?

A: AIMUN 2021 接受个人报名,但限报名者所在学校没有组队报名的情况。具体报名信息请参照发布在我们官方微信公众号“AIMUN”上的《AIMUN 2021网上报名指南》,并需要通过AIMUN 官网进行报名注册。

Q: Does AIMUN 2021 accept individual application?

A: AIMUN 2021 is open to individual application, but only applicable to applicants that have no school delegation in their universities. As for the detailed information of application, please refer to the AIMUN 2021 Online Application Guide issued on our WeChat official account “AIMUN”.  You should submit the application form through the AIMUN official website. 

Q: 领队需要代表所有成员注册吗?

A: 是的。注册系统仅对代表团的领队(和没有代表团的个人代表)开放,领队负责填写成员相关信息。

Q: Does the Head Delegate have to register on behalf of all team members?

A: Yes. The registration system has been designed to allow the Head Delegate (and Individual Delegates without school delegation) to take responsibility for his/her delegates.

Q: 我是否可以和另外一所高校的同学组队报名参加?

A: AIMUN 2021不接受跨校组队。本次会议以学校为单位,只接受代表与同校同学组成双代表队伍。个人代表只限报名单代表制委员会。

Q: Can I form a delegation with a person from another school?

A: AIMUN 2021 does not accept cross-school delegations. Only delegates from the same school will be accepted as double delegation. Individual Delegates are only allowed to apply for committees with single delegation system.

Q: 报名的截止日期是什么时候?

A: 代表团报名截止日期为 2021年2月10日23:59(北京时间),个人代表报名截止日期为 2021年2月3日23:59(北京时间)。

Q: When is the deadline for application?

A: The deadline for application of School Delegation is 23:59 (GMT+8), 10th February, 2021;  deadline for application of Individual Delegates is 23:59 (GMT+8), 3rd February, 2021.

Q: 先报名的代表团会被优先录取吗?

A: 报名顺序并不影响录取情况,但仍建议尽早报名。

Q: Will delegates who apply first be accepted first?

A: Admission will not depend on order of application. However, we encourage all delegates to apply as early as possible.

Q: 有模联经验的申请者会被优先录取吗?

A: 我们坚信,模联是促进跨文化交流和加深现代青年对国际事务和外交的了解的重要途径,任何同学都应该有机会感受并受惠于模联。因此,AIMUN 2021组委在录取代表时不会以是否有模联经验作为唯一标准。但因某些委员会有人数限制或议题专业性较强,AIMUN 2021组委在给这些委员会分配代表时也会考虑报名者的参会经验等因素。

Q: Will delegates with MUN experience be accepted first?

A: We firmly believe that MUN is a great way to foster cross-culture communication and enhance youths’ understanding of international affairs and diplomacy, so that all students should have the chance to experience and benefit from MUN. Therefore, while processing applications, the AIMUN team will not discriminate delegates based on their MUN experience (or lack thereof). However, as certain committees have size constraints or certain topics may require knowledge in specific domains, AIMUN 2021 will take a variety of factors, including MUN experience, into consideration when making admission and allocation.

Q: 提交报名信息后,领队是否能对报名信息进行修改?

A: 如领队或个人代表需要更改任何报名信息,请尽快重新提交报名,我们将以截止日期之前最后提交的报名申请为准。

Q: Can the Head Delegate modify the information after the application is submitted?

A: To make any changes to previous applications, please submit a new response ASAP. We will directly take in the latest application submitted before the deadline.

Q: 如果被告知未能录取,应该怎么办?

A: 因每年报名的人数都超过会议容量,所以会有一些高校代表团不能被录取。如果被告知未录取,还请您谅解。您也可以报名观察员参与会议,或者通过我们的微信平台或官网关注会议进程。

Q: If I am informed that my application has not been successful, what should I do?

A: As we receive a huge number of applications each year, we are regret to inform that not all applications will be successful due to our venue space constraints. If you have been informed that your application has not been successful, we seek your understanding. You may apply for being an Observer to participate in our conference or follow AIMUN 2021 updates through our WeChat platform or official website.

Q: 在使用网上报名系统时出现问题怎么办?

A: 请领队电邮联系contact@aimun.org.cn

Q: What should I do if I am having trouble with the online application platform?

A: Please have your Head Delegate contact community@aimun.org.cn.

2. 关于委员会和国家分配 Committee & Country Allocation

Q: 我可以报名哪些委员会?

A:对于在大会期间身处中国大陆境内的代表,可以任意选择报名线上和线下委员会;如果届时代表身处中国大陆境外(包括香港、澳门、台湾)的代表,将不允许线下参会,代表仅能报名参加线上委员会,即东盟10+6部长级会议(ASEAN 10+6 Ministerial Conference)和欧盟理事会(Council of the European Union)。

Q: What committee can I apply for?

A: Participants who will be located in mainland China during the conference can apply for both online and onsite committees. If the participants are located outsides (including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan), onsite participation will be abandoned. Participants can only apply for online committees, i.e. ASEAN 10+6 Ministerial Conference and Council of the European Union.

Q: 委员会及国家分配结果将在什么时候公布?

A: 委员会分配结果将于2021年2月15日通过网站统一发放予各领队,请领队注意查收并进行确认。国家分配结果将在委员会内部后续完成。

Q: When will the committee and country allocation be announced?

A: Committee allocation will be distributed on the website on February 15, 2021. Please check and confirm. Country allocation will be conducted within each committee afterwards.

Q: 我能否选择委员会和代表的国家?

A: 国家分配综合考虑每位代表的报名意愿和报名材料而定。

Q: Can I choose the committee to attend and country to represent?

A: Country allocation is contingent on delegates’ preference and performance in the application materials.

Q: 如果我未被分配至心仪的委员会该怎么办?

A: AIMUN 2021预计会收到大量的报名,但是由于委员会均有规模限制,因此一些代表不能被分配至第一志愿的委员会。申请人也需要填写第二及第三志愿。如果申请人未填写这些选项,申请人的报名将可能不被接受,在此希望代表能够理解。

Q: What should I do if I was not assigned the committee that I wanted?

A: As we may receive many applications and we have size restrictions for our committees, some delegates may not be assigned the committee of their first choice. This is why in the application platform, applicants are asked to select their second and third choice committees. If applicants do not select these options, they may not be accepted. We seek your understanding.

3. 关于学术测试 Academic Test

Q: 学术测试有什么作用?

A: 学术测试会考察你对所分配的委员会及议题的基本理解。AIMUN 组委会基于您的学术测试表现分配国家席位。

Q: What is the academic test for?

A: The academic test will measure your basic understanding with regards to your allocated committee and topic. The AIMUN team will base your country allocation on the performance on the academic test.

Q: 我需要为学术测试准备吗?

A: 掌握对你所分配的委员会的职能、历史以及以往的决议的基本知识,以及对委员会议题有初步了解会提升你在学术测试表现良好的机会。

Q: Do I need to prepare for the academic test?

A: Basic knowledge on your committee’s functions, history and past resolutions, as well as basic understanding of the committee topic will raise your chances of performing well in the test.

4. 关于费用 Fees

Q: AIMUN 2021的会费是多少?

A: AIMUN 2021的会费标准为:

参会代表(线下):560 RMB

参会代表(线上):120 RMB

指导老师、观察员(线下):500 RMB

指导老师、观察员(线上):60 RMB。

* 如果代表需要发票,应额外缴纳税费,即每位线下代表应支付595元,线上代表为127元,每位线下指导教师与观察员应支付530元,线上指导教师与观察员63元。

Q: What are the conference fees for AIMUN  like?

A: The conference fee of AIMUN 2021:

Delegates (onsite participation): 560 RMB (85 USD)

Delegates (online participation): 120 RMB (20 USD)

Faculty Advisors & Observers (onsite participation): 500 RMB (75 USD)

Faculty Advisors & Observers (online participation): 60 RMB (10 USD).

* If you need an invoice for the conference fees, an extra tax will be charged. The fee for Delegates (onsite participation) is 595 RMB, for Delegates (online participation) is 127 RMB, for Faculty Advisors & Observers (onsite participation) if 530 RMB and for  Faculty Advisors & Observers (online participation) is 63 RMB.

Q: 费用包含什么?

A: 对线下参会者而言,费用包含会场费用、会务用品以及会议期间茶歇。费用不包含餐饮、住宿、往返交通等其他费用。对线上参会者而言,费用包括会议资料和邮寄证书等费用。

Q: What does the conference fee include?

A: For onsite participants, the conference fee includes the cost of the conference hall, supplies and tea breaks. Meals, transport and accommodation costs are not included. For online participants, the conference fee includes conference materials.

Q: 如何缴纳会费?

A: 可使用支付宝(推荐)或是银行转账缴费,具体细节后续将通过网站公告和官方公众号统一进行通知。

Q: How to pay the conference fee?

A: Payment can be made by Paypal or bank transfer. Specifics will be announced through the website and WeChat official account later.

Q: 如何确认会费缴纳成功了?

A: 在确认收到会费之后,网站将显示缴费确认通知。

Q: How can I confirm that I have paid the fee successfully?

A: After payment, confirmation will be displayed through the website.

Q: 如果确认被录取后,最终未参加AIMUN 2021,能返还会费吗?

A: 在确认录取之前,若需退会,贵校代表团将失去该席位。因此,建议代表在报名前确认好自己的时间安排。一经缴费之后,除非有合理原因(如疫情限制等不可抗力因素)申请退会,会费将一律不予退还。

Q: Can I refund the conference fee if I withdraw from the conference after the admission?

A: If you withdraw from the conference before the admission, the respective delegation will eventually lose the seat. Therefore, the delegates should confirm their schedule before apply to it. Once the payment is made, no refund will be allowed without a valid reason for withdrawal application.

5. 关于住宿 Accommodation

Q: 如何预定住宿?

A: AIMUN 2021不会提供住宿,需代表自行预定。举办AIMUN期间,周边的酒店空位将较为紧张,建议尽早预订。也建议代表们将酒店往返学校的距离、价格等纳入考量。

Q: How to reserve accommodation?

A: AIMUN 2021 will not provide accommodation. Delegates need to reserve by themselves. During the conference, there will be a shortage of nearby hotels. Therefore, early booking is recommended. Delegates are also suggested to take into account the distance between the hotel and the campus, as well as the price.

6. 其他问题 Other Questions

Q: 在报名以后,发现无法参加部分会期应该怎么办?

A: 根据AIMUN 2021的会议政策,代表必须出席至少5个会期才能获颁证书(可应个别情况而定)。在此,建议代表预先确认个人时间安排。

Q: What if I can’t attend part of the committee sessions after application?

A: Certificate will only be provided to delegates who attend at least 5 committee sessions (depending on individual circumstances). Here, we suggest delegates schedule their time properly.